Study in Finland Number of Universities

13 universities, 23 universities of applied sciences

Number of degree programmes

Around 100 Bachelor’s degree programmes and over 300 Master’s degree programmes, all taught in English. Almost 300 Doctoral programmes.

Tuition Fees
  • ●  Bachelor's programme: S$6,200 - $18,750 per year

  • ●  Master's programme: S$7,750 - $27,850 per year

  • ●  Doctoral programme do not have tuition fees


All Finnish higher education institutions offer scholarships for international students who are required to pay tuition fees

Living costs

Students are required to have around S$900 per month for living expenses (to obtain the residence permit)


Students can work part-time up to 25 hours per week and during semester breaks.

Life after Studies

Graduates can apply for a one-year residence permit to search for employment. Several cities and all institutions have employment support programmes for international graduates.