• Scholarship

    Erasmus Mundus scholarship programme offers funding opportunities for students and academics worldwide to study or undertake research in Europe, including special courses at a selected group of universities at both Master's and Doctorate levels.

    Choice of study locations

    Up to 28 countries are available for higher studies - and you will be spoilt with the widest choices you can have. More than 6,000 higher education institutions are open to anyone with the appropriate qualifications.

    Affordable tuition fees

    Studying in the EU costs less than you think! There are many scholarships available that can help you cover the cost of studying in Europe.

  • Europe is culturally rich and diverse!

    Europe is rich in history and culture. In Europe you will discover that we speak many languages, have diverse culture and traditions. In the EU alone we have 23 official languages. Its landscapes and nature are unmatched around the world.

    Courses in English

    The Top-ranking universities provide a broad variety of courses and many are taught in English. Language classes at all levels are also available. More information about your academic options in Europe can be found on each country pages.

    Comprehensive support

    European higher education institutions will support you throughout your studies overseas. These services can include airport transfers, university orientation programmes, accommodation, mentoring, and extra curricular activities - everything that you need to help you settle into your studies and surroundings.

ASEM Education Database

Database on Education Exchange Programmes (DEEP)


The best place to study abroad or find an exchange programme in Asia or in Europe is to look up on The Database on Education Exchange Programmes (DEEP). It will help you narrow your search and plan your university studies abroad.

Research on your choice

Complete information

DEEP provides the most comprehesive and complete resource for you to research on all aspect for your study in europe.

Study planning and budgeting

Academic programmes in the 38 ASEM countries

Lookup on DEEP database for thousands of universities from 38 countries across Asia and Europe. We've got the basic information - from estimated living expenses and tuition fees, to visa requirements, country profiles and much more - to help you find the best country and the best university for your needs.

Our Testimonial

  • My university education in Europe brought me as fast and reliably to my goals as the Airbus that flies me home during the semester break.
    Sucheela Polruang - Student from Thailand
  • The professors here in Europe really are the masters in their fields – it's really a valuable experience for me to learn from them.
    Yusi Ramadian - student from Indonesia
  • The EU is a design of immense importance for the shaping of a modern global civilization and a global, peaceful, political order. This requires a culture in which tolerance, reconciliation and the recognition of basic human rights have been internalized.
    Junhua Zhang - researcher from China
  • I have been traveling around a lot, meeting a lot of people in different European countries and it's a really interesting experience.
    Ambar Shukta - student from India